Payroll deductions and execution

11.04.2016 | Bratislava | 99EUR

Training comprehensively discusses the issue of deductions from the perspective of the employer. We introduce you to opportunities but also responsibilities in implementing the execution of rainfall. The aim of this training is to teach you any deductions from wages there, explain what is one third system, the procedure for calculating deductions, execution, assessment of maintenance.

Training content:

  • Procedures for the exercise of deductions
  • Protection of employees in the exercise of deductions and their order under the Labour Code
  • Payroll for the enforcement of
  • The employer’s obligations in the execution of precipitation
  • Order of satisfaction of the claims(enforcement orders)
  • Agreement legally compulsory (execution order)

Price: 99€ / 1 person

Place of course – Bratislava

This course has already passed

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