4th annual mediation conference

National conference – Mediation, the Ombudsman in the work environment

Bratislava | Košice | Banská bystrica

Conference is intended for middle, senior management, schools, public administration, organization, personnel, etc.

The conference will teach how to use power of an Ombudsman, what is our advantage, which can bring success in the terms of business. How is it possible to use mediation in trade, the relationship between the employer and the employee. All this will bring us reduce costs, increase efficiency, development, reduce turnover, improve communication, optimal working environment.


  • Efficiency, integration process development – convince even the most demanding
  • The Ombudsman – not just an employee benefit
  • Learn to what and why to invest
  • You will have the opportunity to discuss with business personalities.

“My job is not to be good to people, my job is to make them better.” (Steve Jobs – Apple)

Positive feedback at the third annual national conference of Mediation, Ombudsman in the work environment, held in Bratislava, Košice and Banská Bystrica, confirm that the conference has been successful. We thank you

Press Release

Many believe that labor law is an area of interest solely to the employed. The truth is the opposite. Today nobody has a certain job, and it is therefore necessary to have an overview of their rights and obligations.

Industrial relations and labor law as separate legal industry is inherently affecting the everyday problems of all economically active people.

Issues of the Employers are not any smaller . The Labour puts many obstacles to those who work offers.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, this conference is for everyone.

Mediation in the work environment helps us to not only improve the working environment, but also provide better channels of communication between employer and employee, says

CEO Media, Tatiana Chanečková, organizer of conferences,, mediator.

the conference was attended by both Slovak and foreign employers of various sectors, public as well as the general public, including traders.

the conference was addressed topics directly linked to the experience of mediation, alternative dispute resolution, especially in the working environment the manner of using the institution of mediation, the Ombudsman, as well was active as help to reduce disputes.

Lectures and panel discussions were specific forms of mediation, focusing on intergenerational and intercultural mediation, problem solving, cross-border mediation in the work environment.

the benefits of this conference was for many of us, getting to know the use of mediation and dispute resolution, which in most cases arise from practical aspects, such as language barriers, knowledge of the culture says Paul Friborg, Chairman and CEO for ContiGroup Companies. Since we started using this institution that can deliver “media” decreased we fluctuations, increased efficiency, says Jeff mistletoe, Chairman and CEO of General Electric

Mediation contributes to a constructive settlement of disputes between employees and employers, businesses, time efficiency, and improve relations, and that was the conference. It was for us a really great help, says a representative of engineering companies in Slovakia.

The conference has brought me practical value, innovation, inspiration and growth. It was created for all participants, and there are few, where they could share their experiences. Conferences are different and specific, and that was really special. Wehang Fang, National Tajpjei,

friendly atmosphere, professional speaker, maximum information and inspiration. This conference has met the desired effect. We look forward to 4th year.

This course has already passed

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